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He has also served as chairperson of the Nepalese Canadian Community Services and as chartered president of the Leaside Centennial Lions Club, Toronto , among other community involvements. In July , Frances Wirvin arrived in Montreal as a registered general nurse and midwife. Soon after, she was registered as an RN in Quebec.

In , she met and married her husband Joseph, who is legally blind, and had two children. After moving to Ottawa in the s, Wirvin soon discovered that despite being registered as a nurse in Quebec, she would have difficulty being registered in Ontario. She soon came across other nurses who were registered elsewhere in Canada and had difficulty proving their qualifications with the College of Nurses of Ontario.

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Wirvin was elected spokesperson. With media coverage and help from elected MPPs and university professors, a brief was delivered to the premier of Ontario. The nurses in the group agreed to take a nursing examination, which were by then Canada wide.

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Ironically, Canada could have employed them for northern outposts as long as they were registered in a province, such as Quebec. They successfully passed the exams and were all registered in Ontario. In and again in , Wirvin became a published author of two books about her experiences in the Canada health care system; as a patient and as a nurse midwife. She has also written several magazine and newspaper articles about the Canadian way of life. Wirvin is now a grandmother of four.

In July , she and her husband celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. After completing law school, Gupta had the unique opportunity to article with the City of London, Ontario. During this time, he gained invaluable experience in the fields of litigation, municipal law, planning law and real estate law. Later that year, he was called to the bar and was ready to start his career in the legal industry.

Gupta had a remarkable start to his career as he was offered to work for a prestigious Bay Street firm, Thompson Rogers in their municipal law division.

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He learned the nuances of contract drafting and corporate law, and continued this work at a long-standing personal injury firm in Mississauga, where he led the plaintiff personal injury department and also started the corporate and real estate departments. Gupta had the opportunity to conduct several trials independently, allowing him to earn valuable courtroom and litigation experience. He also gained exposure to the nuances of municipal liability in matters of construction and civil litigation. He always envisioned opening his own law practice and worked on making this dream come true.

In , he started his own firm, Prudent Law, specializing in residential and commercial real estate, corporate law and civil litigation. In just a couple of years, Gupta has earned recognition in the legal industry as he now has a few associates working for him while he continues to grow the firm to new heights. Prudent Law is now one of the fastest-growing law firms in Mississauga with five staff members; its mission is to provide legal advice that is simple, clear and accurate.

Gupta also serves a reputable non-profit organization, Panorama India, as a legal advisor and also serves on the legal board for the Indo-Canada Harmony Forum. Gupta also actively provides legal updates and information to the community in general through weekly radio interviews. Wali Shah is the voice of a generation of youth. From hundreds of schools and colleges across North America, to performing for thousands at WeDay, Shah uses his poetry for a purpose.

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Thousands of youth follow him on social media, as he sparks honest conversations and raises awareness using his art and his platform. Shah speaks on issues such as diversity and inclusion, bullying prevention, de-constructing masculinity and mental health. At 15 years old and labelled at-risk, a high-school teacher introduced him to spoken word poetry. Since then, it became an avenue for him to share his message, and his stories, with the world. Winning 21 international awards, Unadkat has worked with Oscar-winning producers and Indian award-winning designers making a significant name in the Western cross-over film industry, earning credits on more than 30 films in his portfolio and gaining rave reviews in the international film festival circuits.

Unadkat is the brand ambassador for the Lions Blind Girls Welfare Trust Centre in India and helps strengthen the charity and actively volunteers time working with visually impaired children. In , Unadkat was conferred as the Valedictorian for the graduation ceremony on completion of the business program from the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. Unadkat produced the 14th Annual TD Festival of South Asia that drew more than , people over the course of a weekend and won numerous mainstream accolades.

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In , he had a terrific success producing the Taste of India Food Festival in Toronto attracting more than 50, in attendance. Unadkat is a board member for diverse organizations like the Female Eye Film Festival. However, his pursuits are still international, and he successfully executes the direction of cinema and media arts management in Canada and abroad.

He has worked as both an independent director and, since , as a producer with the National Film Board of Canada. Originally from Trinidad, Jacob immigrated to Canada in to complete a bachelor of education degree at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

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After a successful career as a teacher and an educator, Jacob joined the National Film Board as part of its special mandate team for cultural diversity in Based at the B. Jacob has won numerous awards for his contribution to the Black communities in Alberta and B. Highlights include the following:. He came to Canada in the early s and worked in Vancouver in sales for some years.

It was also the first South Asian newspaper that was distributed free of charge, a move that enabled Anand to capture a niche market. The Weekly Voice has been in a dominant position in the South Asian media sector ever since. Today it is the only South Asian newspaper in Toronto with an audited circulation. His main focus is on unifying the Indian diaspora and its many offshoots within Canada, espousing community causes and contributing to many activities of organizations that directly impacts the community at large. They have three children all pursuing university studies. Simona Gojsevic came to Canada in after graduating in architecture from University of Belgrade in Serbia.

In Canada, she was able to start her professional pursuit in the architectural field. She credits opportunities presented to her upon arrival that assisted with her career launch. Specifically, an organization called New Canadian Program helped her transition into the job market. She later became a registered architect with the Ontario Association of Architects. For the last 18 years, she has had great opportunities to work in the field of architecture with the support of her mentors. She finds mentorship an integral part of the career process and is now happy to provide mentorship to her colleagues.

As an architect, she works with colleagues to design many high-rise multi-use buildings. These buildings transformed the skyline and urban core of the City of Waterloo. The firm was awarded the Concrete Award for one of their buildings and for other project we have been mentioned in newspapers and magazines.

Settling the West: Immigration to the Prairies from 1867 to 1914

Their buildings target the student demographic making the student experience more enjoyable and welcoming when they move from home into a new city to study. Even though she is busy with her work projects, she and her co-workers make time as a team to volunteer for organizations like Habitat for Humanity to give back to the community and learn from others with construction skills. In her spare time, she is a big fan of basketball, which she played as a teenager. Now she is trying to pass this passion to her teenage daughters and other children by volunteering as a coach for a local youth basketball team, KW Vipers.

She enjoys working with kids and other coaches and tries to share the importance of teamwork and leadership in developing these young athletes as confident women. Go Vipers! Sam Jisri is the executive director of SAV — Syrian Active Volunteers , a non-profit organization dedicated to helping incoming refugees and immigrants settle in the Greater Toronto Area. He established a sizable centre for accepting donations including various clothing, shoes, non-perishable food items and various items for infants.

He was honoured to have been amongst those who welcomed the Syrian refugees to Toronto at the airport in To help them start their lives in a completely different country, many volunteers, including Jisri, provided transportation services, translation and generally creating a support system for the newcomers. Jisri also founded, with many others, the Syrian Advisory Council and is currently also a member.

By , SAV included more than volunteers for relief and voluntary work in areas such as translation, social relations, settling, and transportation. It was then officially registered as a legitimate non-profit society.

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Before SAV, Jisri travelled to Syrian refugee camps in Turkey and Jordan to volunteer his time to provide support for those who fled their wartorn countries; he translated for news outlets and raised awareness about the conditions of the refugees. Jisri also actively blogged to provide a platform for the vulnerable to voice their narratives and experiences. He opened the largest centre for computer sale and maintenance in Mississauga, Smart Buy Company.

His other positions include working as an art director in the virtual tour department at the international company, IPIX and also as an instructor at the Arts and Graphic institution. Now, Jisri spends his time working on expanding SAV to aid and support immigrants and refugees. He is currently the chief data officer of the Toronto Stock Exchange TMX Group , responsible for building out enterprise data capabilities and monetizing analytics.

Collaco has close to 20 years of leadership experience having also worked as a senior director with one of the big five Canadian banks. Collaco is a proud recipient of the unique Canada Sesquicentennial award for his volunteer efforts in serving the community. His dedication and passion to serving and giving back to the community has been a true testament of his willingness to share his success as an immigrant to Canada. Soon after completing his MBA, Collaco was requested to be the president of the Goan Overseas Association, a not-for-profit volunteer-based community organization.

According to Collaco, if you are passionate about something, there is no such thing as not enough time. You just make the time. In a short period of time, in this volunteer capacity, Collaco has led the organization to becoming financially healthy and has been involved in various community service and fundraising initiatives and programs within the community. This also includes catering to the needs of seniors and providing mentorship and professional development programs for youth and young adults.

Collaco puts in a lot of his personal time serving the community and involved in mentoring and coaching individuals in need of career advice and jobs. He has been instrumental in helping many new immigrants. In his leadership roles, he has focused on developing diverse teams that reflect the Canadian mosaic.

Each of the numerous early career professionals he mentors are united by the ideal that dictated much of his life. He tells his mentees to just remember to pay it forward. In this role, he works to support research across science and humanities domains.