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Stellaluna realizes that she can remain best friends with her bird siblings, but she doesn't have to look or act like them, she can be herself. The full page illustrations drawn by Janell Cannon are large and vivid, making this a great book for reading out loud.

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Be sure to point out the small pen and ink drawings at the top of the text pages. These small illustrations tell the story of how Stellaluna's mother is alive and searching for her baby. October is the perfect time of the year to integrate science into your language arts curriculum. There are misconceptions that are often held about these interesting creatures of nature and your students will enjoy learning how bats are helpful to the environment and about their special quality of being able to fly at night using echolocation.

The last two pages of the book contain a section called "Bat Notes". These pages are filled with interesting and easy to understand information about bats.

In addition to the detailed lesson plans that you will find later on this page , below is a short list of some other Stellaluna activities that you may want to include in your lesson plans:. Below you will find some of the Stellaluna lesson plans that I have developed over the years as I have read this book to my students. My students love completing the fun projects that I have created specifically for this book and I hope that your students enjoy them as well.

All of the teaching resources on this page include a second version of each worksheet that contains British spelling rules colo u r instead of color, favo u rite instead of favorite, etc. This five page banner is included for free in this set of Stellaluna teaching resources. Click on the Add to Cart button above to purchase this set of teaching resources.


You will be emailed a download link for this Stellaluna project so you can download and use it today! Your students will go batty completing this fun book report project that requires them to write about the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

  1. Luna Lesson Plans for Teachers | privididagof.cf!
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  6. This uniquely shaped book report project contains 3 worksheet templates that assemble into the shape of a bat. The finished project measures 20 inches x 9 inches. This set of Stellaluna teaching resources includes the following:. This set of teaching resources includes assembling directions on how to prepare and assemble this bat shaped book report project. Below is an example of the assembling directions worksheet. I believe that the writing process is important and that teachers should use process writing whenever possible.

    For this reason, my students never begin their Stellaluna projects by writing on their final draft bat templates, instead they write on first draft worksheets. Next, my students edit and revise their written work on their own, with a partner, or in individual writing conferences with me.

    This set of teaching resources contains two printable worksheets for students to write their first drafts on. The writing line spaces on these first draft worksheets matches the spaces allotted on the final draft bat templates. A book report grading rubric is included in this set of teaching resources. I believe that it is important for students to evaluate their own work , so my book report rubric contains an assessment section for both students and teachers. When students evaluate their book report projects, they color in the faces on their grading rubric worksheets.

    When a teacher evaluates the projects, the teacher circles the small numbers inside each box on the printable worksheets. Below is an example of my Stellaluna book report grading rubric. This set of teaching resources includes 3 worksheet templates that are glued together to form a bat. The finished bat book report project measures 20 inches x 9 inches.


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    There are two versions of the head and body template for you to choose from to give to your students. On the first template , students draw their own face and on the second template , Stellaluna's face has already been drawn. Stellaluna Lesson Plans: Body Templates. Why not take this beautiful celestial body and spend a full day, or even a week, learning all about the moon?

    Is the moon made of cheese? How many people have stood on the moon?

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    What does a moon rock feel like? Will I ever go to the moon? Why does the moon change shape and what is a lunar eclipse? These are just a few of the questions your young students may have for you. There's so much to talk about when it comes to the moon that it can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Do you start with the phases of the moon?

    What about the lunar landings? Or maybe you start with how the moon affects the ocean's tides. Let the resources at Teacher Planet help you out. Use the lesson plans, activities, worksheets and clip art to help you bring the moon to your classroom. You can also find an abundance of resources to help you really delve into teaching everything there is to know about the moon.

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