One Naughty Girl 3 (A Landry James Short)

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I switched to an an eReader about two years ago. The only non-electronic books I still have were written by you and Neil Gaiman, because you are both awesome. I thought it was just a small google searcher. But talk about sucky weeks- I had to put down my cat of 14 years in front of my 8 year old twins. This after my daughter was sick all fucking week. And bad at not walking into things. Slammed my toe into something yesterday and wandered around for half an hour before I noticed the blood trail. And last week the garage door bit me. I made a toaster pastry for snacking on during my drive to work.

I was concerned my kittens would eat it, or try to eat it, hate it and throw it on the floor, getting icing all over he floor. My boyfriend came home and found it whole. After 10 years, you would think he would ahve learned to stop leaving them, or at least stop asking me if I listened to it. Kelly recently posted A Day for Memories and Grief. I, of course, cannot answer my phone.

Seanna Lea recently posted [10 Tuesday] the joys of a long weekend.


Last night my daughter asked me if the caterpillar we caught was going to turn into a monkey by this morning. Yes, this is my life. We have text messages and email now, which are far superior to making talky-noises through a crappy microphone so someone else can listen through a crappy speaker. Already have the book!

Would love your signature, though.

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The orphaned kittens. How in the hell did we possibly survive before cell phones….? Number 40,th?

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Is that an actual ordinal number?? Man, this new math gets me every time. My hubby hardly ever answers his phone. It drives me crazy. Thanks for this laugh. I will definitely share this with him…. I am sending this to my husband right now. Maybe I can give the unsigned one away and pretend the signed one IS the same book.

I think she snuck in at night just to ninja-sogn this copy. Did you know that chickens only have one functioning ovary? True story.


Mel F recently posted feeling swell. I love your book, ordered a hard copy from Amazon when I meant to order on the Kindle but it turns out it was good because then I could loan it to my sister. Neil Gaiman is amazing. Is there a club for that?

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  6. The bad part is that you will be watching out for horses and never see them coming. Just thought I would throw that out there in case you come across an extra cuddly looking kitten. Jenny — I love, Love your writing. You ROCK! This conversation could have happened in my home. Sadly, I would be playing the role of Victor.

    Hence, I would love to win a signed copy of your book. I have been literally snickering in my office for the last 5 minutes. Carmen recently posted Unloading. Hell yeah! Eileen recently posted So many books, so little time…. I just recently found your blog. I know, I live under a rock with kitties! Thanks for helping me with my shitty week. Wish I could proffer some kind of hilarious commentary but no match to you and Victor insert phone ringing picture thingy here. I completely understand how Victor feels. So I know how she feels.

    I have a friend who never answers her phone EVER. She rarely texts either, not even to let you know she received important messages. You just made me laugh out loud in the office until I nearly peed and started crying. Thank you for always being the best part of my day. You are amazing! I already have your book and I laugh-cried my way through it.

    If I am a chosen contestant, I would actually like you to send me your favorite Neil Gaiman book, signed by you. Sound like a fair deal?

    Jen recently posted Bad Situations and Recommended Reading. I would totally answer my cell phone if I actually got any phone calls. My house phone, however, is for show and status, only. My mom gets the angriest…. I try to explain to her and others who whine about it that I do not carry my phone around with me everywhere I go.

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    Screw that. How sweet is that? Yeah, I anmtotally using the kidnapped one when I text my husband after failing to answer the phone when he calls. It used to be that I never answered the phone when my husband called because I always forgot to take my phone with me. But now, he never answers his phone when I call because his phone is always out of battery.