Stone Cold: A Broken Magic Novel

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This book Stone Cold is the second. While the description for this Broken Magic duology says it can be read on its own without reading the Allie books, my own personal experience has shown that unless you have, it can be quite a struggle to keep track of the characters' histories and the series backstory. Don't get me wrong, I still had a great time reading.

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But I'm positive your experience would be richer and you'd feel a lot less lost if both series are read. Just something to consider. At least I was more prepared this time around, having done most of the necessary catching up during the last novel. Shamus "Shame" Flynn is back and he is now even more damaged from the events at the end of Hell Bent. The book's main villain, a rogue magic user named Eli Collins is still out there, and Shame is determined to hunt him down and make Eli pay for the deaths of loved ones.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin blows up the DX Express

Feeling angry and full of guilt, Shame's already unstable control of Death magic is threatening to slip away from him, which could mean great danger to everyone around him, even his friends and allies. When all's said and done, I'm really glad I decided to read this book, and not just because it's the second half of a two-parter and I always hate to leave things hanging. Firstly, this book contains a conclusion that finishes things off with a bang.

Secondly, that conclusion not only provides an ending for Shame's story, it provides one for Allie Beckstrom as well. Even though I've never read her character's series, I still could tell that this was a pretty huge deal. But thirdly and most importantly, I liked Stone Cold because I felt Shame finally stepped up to take the reins to his own series.

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In the first book, his character was really hard to get into; even though that was my first exposure to Shame and this entire Allie Beckstrom universe, he always felt like a guest in someone else's world, which was why color me totally unsurprised when I eventually discovered that Hell Bent was a spin-off. It also didn't help that Allie and Zayvion made such frequent appearances making it obvious that they were still quite central to the story, and that Shame himself was such a curmudgeony character.

However, in losing control of his Death magic in this book, he became a lot more interesting to me by turning into a very different kind of Urban Fantasy anti-hero protagonist. I actually felt sympathy for Shame. Don't his friends realize just how volatile his powers are? You can't demand help from a person who can't control Death magic and then blame him when horrible things happen, especially when they are exactly what he'd warned them about!

Stone Cold

Give him a break! Geez, everyone was so hard on poor Shame in this one, I found myself on his side just because it was all so unfair.

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Anyway, how sad it is that the series ends just as I was getting into the character. At the same time, I wouldn't have had it any other way. I'm actually glad this is only two books because I don't know if I would've continued if this was an ongoing series. With books, shows, etc. I always much prefer it if the spin-off character actually moves to a new locale and make new friends so we get to start off fresh.

He or she deserves a chance to move out of the shadow and shine. That's probably my only beef with Broken Magic. I wanted more Shame, but it was also clear that Devon Monk wanted to hold on to the characters in her other series the first half dozen or so chapters of this book was about Allie's baby shower, for example. I just don't know if I could take that, but two books is absolutely fine. If you've kept up with the Allie Beckstrom novels, then picking this series up is probably a no-brainer.

You'd have the advantage over me as well, and no doubt enjoy it even more. For readers who are new to the world but don't mind feeling like they've stepped into the middle of an ongoing saga, this is a good opportunity to discover Devon Monk's writing and these two books are actually a pretty decent choice for the urban fantasy enthusiast. View 2 comments. Nov 08, Ami rated it really liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy-with-male-protagonist. This is not a review. This is basically me rambling on about the book. I was like, WTF!!! Then I went on the roller-coaster ride, gripping my babyMerlin a.

Being the last of a two-b This is not a review. Being the last of a two-books only spin-off, the intense thrill of this story was insane. He seemed to pushed Shame and Terric to the very end, until the boys made that decision to practically brought magic for Cody to erase. It was what a final book should feel I felt the Allie Beckstorm final book a bit anti-climatic. I loved how Shame also felt like anti-hero, with his being Death and didn't really have problems killing people The part where he must kill Terric, in order to bring Terric back to life was so touching. I love their complex nature of relationship.

Dash, by the way, the ex-assistant, rocked!! He matured and became an integral part of the story -- and I loved that he seemed a perfect fit for Terric :. It was adorable that Uncle Shame got frightened when he must hold the baby. So, SO cute! I loved how Shame and Terric's relationship in the end. It was so difficult and hard before.

I guess it was a good thing that Terric being tortured and Closed then UnClosed Hey, maybe Devon Monk will return with novella or short story. I take anything Feb 21, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: fv , uf , monk. Terric and Shame 4. Really good second book in the series.

More, please? Full review to come on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews. View all 5 comments. Apr 23, Kathy Davie rated it liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy. Second in the Broken Magic urban fantasy spin-off series from the Allie Beckstrom series and revolving around Shame Flynn. Do read the Allie Beckstrom series before you read this one, Broken Magic.

It'll make so much more sense if you do. I've read eight so far in Allie Beckstrom, and I'm still lost. I should have waited before I started reading this subseries. My Take It is an interesting and convoluted world of magic in the Broken Magic series. A useful ability, but it comes with a heavy price.

See a Problem?

One must drain off the build-up of magic energy and control it before it can destroy those around you. It's best with one's Soul Complement, but not shutting off the trade can kill one of the pair or drain their souls to the point where they are no longer human. The story itself is horrifying and fascinating. Horrible for the pain and torture one human being will inflict on another. Horrible that men — investors and government departments — think this is okay, that it's worth a little pain.

The people they use and abuse are nothing, so why should they care?

Character-wise, they do some stupid things that horrify the editor in me. The fascinating is that trip to Heaven where one's friends are hangin' out, havin' a beer.

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I also, mostly, enjoy Shame's character, his snark, his intelligence, but I do not enjoy his not thinking. He's had years to understand his Death magic, yet he continues to rush into everything, grabs without thinking, destroys everything around him. It's a wonder there is any plant life around Portland. Maybe that part of Shame that is so impetuous is what makes him the so-controlled Terric's Soul Complement.

The hidden trope in here is similar to the "stupid" one I hate. The one in which a character has this ability but refuses to learn how to use it. It's so much more "fun" for them to suffer. With all that instruction, surely they must have learned about being a Soul Complement? I mean, duhhhh… More horrifying is how awful this whole story makes me feel. There is so much pain, and Monk does make you feel it.