Sun of Righteousness

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Almighty God! In You all is released and open, all is bright, unconcealed and not hidden. You are Almighty God incarnate.

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As the Sun of righteousness God has appeared. The time of the morning star is over and nothing remains concealed. God's work is like lightning, flashing oh so quickly, finished in a flash. Almighty God appears as the Sun of righteousness. You will share in glory and good blessings with Him forever and ever, forever and ever, forever and ever.

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These words are true, and they've already started being fulfilled on you, on you. His word is true, shall not return void.

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These good blessings are yours, no other can claim. They are the fruits of your service working in one accord with God.

Dismiss religious notions, believe God's words, don't let doubt take motion. These words are true, and they've already started being fulfilled on you, on you, on you, on you, on you. Just as the sun drives away darkness and clouds, bringing light and joy, so the Sun of Righteousness will appear to forever dispel gloom, oppression, and injustice. Is it dark time with you reader? Does the night deepen into a denser blackness? Still let us not despair: the Sun will yet rise.

When the night is darkest, dawn is nearest. The Sun which will arise is of no common sort. It is the Sun—the Sun of Righteousness, Whose every ray is holiness. He Who comes to cheer us, comes in the way of justice as well as of mercy, comes to violate no law even to save us. Jesus displays the holiness of God as much as His love. Our deliverance, when it comes, will be safe because it is righteous. Do we reverence the living God, and walk in His ways?

Sun of Righteousness

Light, warmth, joy, and clearness of vision will come, and healing of every disease and distress will follow. Has Jesus risen upon us? Let us sit in the light of the Sun.

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  • Has He hidden His face? Let us wait for His rising.

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    He will shine forth as surely as the sun. Hail the Sun of Righteousness!

    Thou Glorious Sun of Righteousness

    He has rays flashing from His hand, and there is the hiding of His power. The Sun of Righteousness will soon rise with healing in His wings! O glorious day! Is the Bright and Morning Star gone and there is no other star to yield a ray of light in its place? What a howling wilderness this world is without our Lord!

    Sun Of Righteousness — Worship School

    If we do not see Him our flowers wither, our enjoyable fruits decay, the birds stop singing, and storms overturn our hopes. All the lights of earth cannot produce daylight if the Sun of Righteousness is eclipsed. Dear believer, what would you do with the temptations and cares of this world if you did not have Him?

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