Un obscur désir (La communauté de la nuit t. 1) (French Edition)

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Fallout: New Vegas.

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Chris Avellone. All Roads introduces the world of New Vegas, a town of dreamers and desperadoes being torn apart by warring factions vying for complete control of this desert oasis, and tells an intriguing tale of loyalty and violence that leads right up to the beginning of the game. Written by Chris Avellone, the game's senior designer, All Roads is tightly integrated into the story of New Vegas, even containing clues to ingame missions for the sharpeyed reader.

Cullen Bunn. Things are heating up in this supernatural fantasy as young heroine Emmy Crawford prepares to face off against old foes in the horror-plagued town of Harrow County Something evil has returned from the grave and joins forces with Emmy's wicked family for a brewing monster war! Will she be able to protect her home and herself alone, or will Emmy need to gather some allies in order to defeat this evil once and for all in this coming of age tale? Batman: Earth One. Geoff Johns. Batman is not a hero. He is just a man. Fallible, vulnerable and angry.

In a Gotham City where friend and foe are indistinguishable, Bruce Wayne's path toward becoming the Dark Knight is riddled with more obstacles than ever before. Le mariage argentin du Dr Burnside: Harlequin Comics.

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Sara Wood. Que peut-il bien lui vouloir? Andres Mann.

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Jennie Lucas. Son petit mensonge: Harlequin Comics. Maisey Yates. La proposition: Harlequin Comics. Natasha Oakley. Elle accepte la proposition, mais reste tendue. Elle connait bien Hugh.


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