You will never touch the stars with just a butterfly net

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Although it was a lovely story, I have yet to find any factual evidence of this online. I appreciate any information you have. This monarch was likely suffering from OE parasites. OE Parasites and Monarch Diseases. How Salt Saves Caterpillars.

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I am considering planting milkweed from seeds but not sure if there is enough time for them to grow. What do you suggest I do that would allow time for the migration? Hi Gail, there is one western vendor listed for caterpillars. For plants, you might check out our western resources page to see if you can dind a good local option…you can get seeds too, but not enough time for this season.

They send you only the kind that is native to your area.

The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott

I bought baby plants in the spring and they are doing great. This program is through university of TX. I hope it helps. I live in Hastings NE, latitude almost Not a lot, just one or two here or there. Is this typical for Monarchs to be in this area during the early part of the summer?

I also found eggs and baby cats on milkweed plants back in early June. My name is Maya and I was wondering if it was totally neccesary to buy a pop up cage. Would it be ok to use a tupperware dish are a small animal carrier? Also, I am raising three monarch caterpillers and each of them has thin, wispy strands of something that seem to hurt the caterpillar when touched. I would just like to know if this is something I need to be worried about. Hi Maya, you can definitely make due with other containers.

You can use tupperware containers we do for egg hatcheries but if they stay too wet, you can develop mold issues which can kill caterpillars. Hi, Monarch watch states tags are not available in so. I have 5 in one cage in crysallis, was going to tag and release in a classroom, My friend teaches children with special needs. Hi Tony. I have a question that I hope you can help me with.

They have a thin stalk with a spore on the end, both white. They sometimes appear singly but more often in groups.

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Do you know what they are? Are they harmful to the plant, or more importantly, the baby butterflies?

-Linda Rogers

Thank you for your help with this, and thank you for all the great information you provide. Lacewing Eggs. Do they cause any problems? And to update: the 25 eggs I brought in are hatching today! They are about the same size as the monarch eggs and on both sides of the leaf. Any idea what they might be? I am curious how everyone transfers the baby cats to fresh milkweed in the cube. More info about this in an upcoming Raise the Migration post….

I started raising Monarchs last year. I had only about 36 eggs found on my milkweed. This year has been a different story. I now have caterpillars in all different stages, with some going into chrysalis last evening. Wow, it has been an overwhelming experience. Luckily I have a large supply of milkweed, but cleaning it and taking care of all the bins and containers is a bit time consuming.

My dining room has become the Monarch sanctuary. I continue to find a few eggs every day, but think the next generation is only a few days away. Our minister has a sermon ready to deliver as soon as I have a bunch of butterflies to release.

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That shoud be so cool. Expecting about 43 will be ready for the big day. I will post how it goes. Woo Hoo!

Monarch Butterfly Garden Book- Instant Download

First monarch siting of the season this morning. It was on my butterfly bush, and I waited patiently to see what sex it was. I told her there was plenty of milkweed waiting for her in the back yard. She must have listened because a short time later, I was weeding near a milkweed plant and there she was, laying eggs a foot away from me.

What a miracle. I brought in six eggs so far I never find them all on the first go. I hope to break last years record of 14 monarchs released. Now my husband has to put up with caterpillars all over the house! Hello Tony, I desperately need your help. This is my fourth year raising monarch butterflies and i have brought in almost caterpillars mostly from my milkweed I grow in my backyard.

But every year at this time a lot of them start dying. I will find them dead at the bottom of the mesh cage and they seem deflated.

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Also today 2 butterflys came out of their crystallis with damaged wings. I am so upset and think I am doing more harm than good. I clean the poop twice a day and use bleach after each batch are gone. The milkweed I get is from a big field close to the railroad tracks and also from the lake front.

I am thinking of closing up shop on this wonderful hobby. Any ideas. Thank you for all you do to help this wonderful species. You are truly inspiring. Monarch Diseases and Caterpillar Killers. I learned this tip last year and saved at least a dozen cats from certain death. I keep a small trash can lined with plastic for leaf scraps and put all in the can. I also mist it and check often.. Sure enough on quite a few occasions a small caterpillar previously unseen will crawl up the side and get rescued. After days I toss the scrap into the base of one of my many common milkweed plants should there be any others undiscovered.

Only frass and paper towels go into my garbage. I love your newsletters and advise. We released just over in and have over caterpillars and pupae so far and its only 2 weeks into monarch season here in eastern PA!!

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I like the cube and poo-poo platter I got from you.. Thank you Anita, I will be sure to add this info into raise the migration…a great tip! Hello, this will be my second year raising. Am I looking in all the wrong places or do you not tag? Thanks, Gina. Thanks for your reply.

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  4. It seems like my problems are related to a lot of the diseases affecting caterpillars. This morning I found a little red capsule thing on one of the poopoo platters and I squeezed it when removing and some creamy, pus like material came out. Was this one of those fly maggots?

    How disgusting!!! I am praying to St.

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    I need some divine intervention to help me get through this season. Hopefully your other monarchs will be ok…. I saw a pict where aluminum foil was wrapped around the cut end of a milkweed leaf that was put in a rearing cube for cats to eat. Is this a common technique? Also, what is the best water to put in the tubes for the mw cuttings?